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||By Othman Alaga

As he continues his engagement with faculties’ staff, the Vice-Chancellor, Federal University of Lafia (FULafia), Professor Shehu Abdul Rahman, has visited the faculties of computing, management science, agriculture, education and College of Medicine.

Tellingly, in all the places he has visited, Abdul Rahman delivered the same message to the lecturers, as he did meeting staff from other segments of the University.

“Consider students as the key stakeholders of FULafia,” he said.

According to the vice-chancellor, students formed the reason why the Federal Government “has employed us to work in this University and, in fact, without students I wouldn’t be appointed a vice-chancellor and you all won’t also be here.”

Therefore, he called on the lecturers to respect students, “behave well in their presence and serve as good role models to them.”

He advised the lecturers to shun pride, pretence and unhealthy academic rivalry which could give birth to arrogance and misplacement of academic values.

Abdul Rahman urged the lecturers to pay more attention to their profession and ignore negative attitudes that could abridge their progression.

Stressing the benefit of lecturers working together for the progress of the University, the vice-chancellor appealed to them to mentor the younger academicians, saying that “we should make the progress of one to be the progress of all in our dear University.”

He warned against any form of sabotage in the University, explaining that “only networking, friendship and hard work can bring success in the University.”

According to the vice-chancellor, workers should realise the fact that “no one is greater than the University,” calling on all to join hands to make FULafia one of the best universities in Africa.

He vowed to lead a transparent administration, saying that through consultation, team work and commitment, the University will be moved forward.

The vice-chancellor, while commending the faculties’ staff for their efforts during the last accreditation exercise, said that the neatness of the University was greatly appreciated by the National Universities Commission (NUC) accreditation teams’ members who recently visited FULafia for accreditation exercises.

Abdul Rahman encourage lecturers to promote the good image of the University through research fair, public lectures and faculty seminars, saying that without hosting such activities, the University cannot achieve its dream of becoming among the foremost citadels of research and learning in the world.

In their separate votes of thanks, the deans of the faculties of computing, management science, agriculture, education and provost, College of Medicine, Prof. Ahmed Ashuku, thanked the vice-chancellor for introducing initiatives aimed at placing the University among the best in Africa.

They praised the vice-chancellor for what they described as his dynamic style of administration, promising that the lecturers would key into his blueprint and brainstorm on how to develop FULafia.

Among those who attended the event were the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Idris O.O. Amali; University Liberian, Dr. Abiodun Iyoro; the Provost, College of Medicine; heads of departments, directors and faculties’ staff.

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