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THE National President of Genetics Society of Nigeria (GNS), Prof. Emmanuel Hala Kwon-Ndung of Federal University of Lafia has said forensic genetics can play a crucial role in the investigation of a diverse criminal case.

He called for the application of genetics in solving various problems militating against human existence and environmental sciences.

Prof Kwon-Ndung spoke at the 43rd GNS Annual Conference at the University of Lagos.

He noted that modern genetic techniques are very relevant to crime detection.

“The traces of the traits of the criminal can be detected using genetic analysis; it is very easy because every individual has peculiar fingerprinting,” he said.

He said there is no contradiction to the fact the nation and people will be better with the use of genetics.

“We would have proven our worth as public and private researchers and we have used our intellectual scientific knowledge to contribute to building our great nation in particular and the global genetic resources in general,” he said.

He appealed to the government to supports GNS to gain access to more funds for research.

“We, therefore, continue to call on our government and development partners to invest in research through increased funding across various sectors. Research is capital intensive and public research which is for our common good must be supported by capital budgeting.”

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