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FULafia trains staff on leadership skills

|By Othman Alaga

The Staff Productivity Promotion Unit (SPPU) of Federal University of Lafia (FULafia) has organised a one-day stepped down training on leadership to promote leadership best practices.

The workshop, titled: “Developing Effective Leadership in the Workplace,” took place at the Faculty of Agriculture Lecture Auditorium, Permanent Site Campus of the University, had in attendance stakeholders in the academia and non-academia.

Declaring the training open, the University’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Shehu Abdul Rahman, commended the Unit for organising the training, saying that "training is one of the main functions of universities across the country and, in particular, FULafia, to proffer solutions to problems in all facets of human life."

Abdul Rahman stressed the need for improvement in productivity with a view to inculcating new values and ways of doing things.

He said that the workshop was organised "for those who want to prepare themselves for leadership position in future.

Abdul Rahman enjoined participants to translate into actions what they were taught.

He stated that the stepped down training was not only in line with the University’s vision of developing the capacity of staff at all levels, but also to achieve the overall objective of making FULafia align with the best global practices.

In her opening remarks, Head of the Unit, Mrs Helen Bello, said the training was organised to improve the productivity levels of staff.

Presenting his paper at the stepdown training, titled: “Bake and eat your cake of wisdom in preparation for leadership position,” the Registrar of FULafia Malam Nuradeen Abdu, emphasised that "leaders are not infallible beings, and, therefore, a good leader is expected to admit his/her weaknesses and work hard to ameliorate them."

The registrar said that a good leader must have a plan and mindset of leadership, adding that people fail because they lack skills.

He said that the purpose of the programme was to help in developing the next generation of institutional leaders.

The second paper was presented by Mrs. Helen Bello, titled: "Leadership and organisational behaviour," stated that "a good leader must plan, change, react to change, initiate change and institutionalise change."

She pointed out that the leader is attributable to those that distinguish themselves in leading up, leading across and leading down, adding that every category of leadership, especially those that lead up, must be able to manage well his or her emotions, time, priorities, energy, thinking, words and personal life.

Mrs. Helen Bello concluded that the leader must also possess some quality traits to facilitate effective leadership sessions like being informal and approachable, keeping an open mind and avoid being judgmental, among others, while also affording some moments of emotional outlets during the leadership session.

In her closing remarks,Mrs. Bello expressed her appreciation to participants for their contribution, constructive and productive discussions, urging them to contribute their quota to development of FULafia.

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