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Dr. Ayomide Hassan Labulo who received a Ph.D. from the Department of Chemistry at the University of KwaZulu-Natal Durban South Africa in September 2019, was recently awarded a South African Chemical Institute (SACI) Postgraduate 2020 Award.

The award is made to students engaged in research towards an MSc or Ph.D. degree and registered in a School/Department of Chemistry at a South African University, or an MTech or DTech degree registered in a School/Department of Chemistry at a South African University of Technology. The recipients of the award shall be known as The SACI Post-Graduate Awardees. The persons nominated should be considered as being “young innovative chemists”. The characteristics of such a person are Innovation, Independence, and Enterprise.

When asked what this award meant to him, Dr. Labulo answered that he felt greatly honored to have been selected from a community of highly skilled chemists to receive this award for his doctoral research. He added that the award is a recognition for his passion for research. He appreciated his supervisors, Profs V.O Nyamori and Bernard Owaga for their support and guidance. This award will truly be the fuel that will propel me to achieve more and make significant contributions in my research career, he stated.

His research on the synthesis and characterization of nitrogen-doped CNTs and graphene/N-CNTs supported palladium catalysts for C-C coupling reactions and nitroarene hydrogenation made a substantial contribution to the development of novel and promising catalysts for industrial processes involving the C-C coupling (i.e. Suzuki and Heck), solventfree benzyl alcohol oxidation and chemoselective nitroarene hydrogenation reactions.

Dr. Ayomide Labulo, who completed his BSc at the University of Agriculture Abeokuta and MSc at the prestigious University of Ibadan both in Nigeria, is a Nanomaterials chemist with experience in various analytical techniques and is currently a lecturer at the Federal University of Lafia. He is one of the pioneer academic staff of the Chemistry department. He is a member of the Chemical Society of Nigeria (CSN); the South African Chemical Institute (SACI) and the Royal Society of Chemistry(RSC).

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