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Congratulations to Prof. Emmanuel Kwon-Ndung, a Professor of Plant Genetics and Breeding, who has has been appointed as a member of the TETFUND standing committee on research and development (R&D).

The Committee is specially constituted and charged with the responsibility of driving the Fund's Policy in respect of support for, and Institutionalisation of, Research and Development, in mainly Public Tertiary Institutions, and ultimately in the Industry and economy, thereby strengthening our Country's technological and economic competitiveness.

The Committee, which membership includes some of our best researchers, innovators, representatives of relevant MDAS, and the Private Sector, has Terms of Reference (TOR) that include interfacing with Public Tertiary Institutions and Industry on R and D as well as offering advice to government on how to build, diversify and sustain a knowledge-based economy for the Country. The Committee is also expected to herald a paradigm shift by promoting investment more on applied research and product development rather than only on basic research with little or no impact on our economy and society, which has sadly been the trend in our tertiary education institutions.

The Committee is expected to develop and recommend the context, framework and institutional arrangement for the emergence of a NATIONAL R&D FOUNDATION for Nigeria that will thus represent a new paradigm in technology and knowledge economy towards attaining the SDG targets and beyond by 2050.

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