Federal University of Lafia (FULafia)
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Physics, Faculty of Science

Dr. Mfon Rebecca

Lecturer I

Research Interest

Solid State Physics and Nanotechnology. 

Research area includes Condensed Matter Physics 

Interested in Nanoparticles synthesis and Characterisation 


Dr. Rebecca Emmanuel Mfon obtained her Bachelor’s degree (BSc. Hons Physics) in 1983 from the University of Calabar, Cross River State Nigeria. She did her one year compulsory National Youth Service in Yola in the defunct Gongola State (Now Adamawa State) in 1983 and on completion in 1984 she accompanied her husband to Bauchi and took up a job in Bauchi College of Arts and Science (BACAS) as an Assistant Lecturer (Physics) till 1990 when she moved down to Calabar to teach Physics and Mathematics in the Presbyterian Church owned popular boys college Hope Waddell Training Institution for 5 yrs.

She enrolled for and obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) in 1997. Dr Mfon then went back to Yola in 1997 and taught Physics and Mathematics in various Secondary Schools prominent among those is a private Secondary School Concordia College Yola which presents students for IGSCE. She served in various capacities as Physics/Mathematics teacher, Principal, and Vice Principal Admin. In 2002, Dr Mfon travelled to Ethiopia under the Technical Aid Corps Scheme as a Volunteer Physics Teacher and was deployed to teach in Amhara Region Kemissie Preparatory School for two years (2002-2004).

On returning to Nigeria, she went back to Concordia College Yola where she worked till 2006/2007 when she enrolled for and bagged   a Masters degree (MSc) in Solid State Physics from Federal University  of Technology Yola (FUTY). Dr Mfon got employed by Federal University Lafia as an Assistant Lecturer in 2012 and towards the end of the year 2014, Dr Mfon was awarded a study fellowship to proceed to the University of Bristol, United kingdom (UK) where she obtained her Doctor of Philosophy degree (PhD) in 2019.  Dr. Mfon’s research area is Condensed Matter Physics and her interest is in Nanotechnology and Material Science studies. Her current researches deal with nanoparticles synthesis and Characterisation.  Rebecca’s watch word is : ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH DETERMINATION AND HARDWORK.

Rebecca is an old girl of Holy Child Secondary School Marian Hill Calabar and is very proud of her Alma mater.

Selected Publications in Scientific Journals

    1. Mfon R.E, Usman A, (2014) Fabrication of zinc oxide-cuprous oxide photovoltaic cell for teaching purpose  using locally available materials, Scientia Africana  vol 13 (1):89-98

    2. Emeka E.E, Ojiefor O.C., Aleruchi C., Hassan L.A., Owoseni M.C., Mfon R., Dare E.O., (2014),Evaluation of antibacterial activities of silver nanoparticles green synthesized using pineapple leaf (Ananas comosus)  Elsevier micron(57):1-5

    3. Adesuji E.T., Elemike E.E., Chuku A., Labulo A. H., Owoseni M.C., Oseghale C.O., Mfon R., Dare O. E., (2013), Synthesis of Silver nanoparticles using some Alcoholic beverages from Nigeria Market, International journal of Nano and Material Sciences 2 (1):25-35

    4. Mfon R.E., Odiaka N., Sarua A., (2017), Interactive  effect of colloidal solution of zinc oxide nanoparticles biosynthesized using Ocimum gratissimum and Vernonia amygdalina leaf extracts on the growth of Amaranthus cruentus seeds, 16 (26):1481-1489.doi10.5897/AJB 2017,15952

    5. Mfon, R.E., Hall, S.R., & Sarua A. (2020) Effect of Ocimum gratissimum plant leaf extract concentration and annealing temperature  on the structure  and optical properties of synthesized zinc oxide nanoparticles.  EDUCATUM Journal of Science, Mathematics  and Technology  (EJSMT) 7 (1) 1-13