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Dr. Babatunde James Falaye

    Dr. Falaye completed his doctorate degree in June, 2017, at Escuela Superior de Física y Matemáticas (ESFM), Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN), Mexico City, Mexico with two major awards: the best doctoral thesis of IPN and outstanding postgraduate student of the year 2017. His Master of Science degree and Bachelor of Science degree were obtained from the University of Ilorin in February 2014 and July 2010 respectively. 

    B. J. Falaye had the highest cumulative point during his master’s program. Not only did Babatunde graduated as the best undergraduate Physics student in the year 2010, but he was also a University scholar throughout his undergraduate studies at the University of Ilorin. He’s an epitome of scholarship.

    He has about 40 JCR articles with more than 700 citations.  He serves as a reviewer to many prestigious journals focusing on Mathematical Physics and related areas such as Journal of Theoretical and Applied Physics, Springer, Germany; Few-body systems, Springer, Austria; Physica Scripta, IOP, United Kingdom; Chemical Physics Letter, Elsevier, Netherlands; Physics Letters A, Elsevier, UK; Pramana, Springer & Indian Academy of Sciences, India; Karbala International Journal of Modern Science, Elsevier, UK; etc. 

    He is currently the Editor of World Journal of Applied Physics, SciencePG and Deputy Editor of Physics Memoir, Journal of Theoretical Physics, Published by Department of Physics Federal University Lafia. He is a member American Physical Society and has attended several scientific conferences and meetings both in Nigeria and abroad.

    Dr. Falaye is an active and dynamic man who believes anything is possible only if we work hard and pray. His diligent and hardworking nature earned him the first Director of newly established directorate; Management Information System. Even though he has recently developed some interest in web design and information management, his research interest in physics has not changed.

    His research interests focus on mathematical-physics, quantum mechanics and quantum information. Within the framework of mathematical-physics and quantum mechanics, he is interested in confinement influence of external fields on particles with applications to atomic and molecular systems. Some already published results can be found in Physical Review E, 93 (2016) 053201, Annals of Physics 353 (2015) 282, Annals of Physics 341 (2014) 153, etc.

    Moreover, the relationship between quantum mechanics and quantum information has been known as far back as 67 years ago. In fact, the most outstanding indicator of this relationship is that between quantum entanglement and quantum information. Quantum entanglement has been shown to be an invaluable resource in quantum information and has been discerned as the uniqueness of quantum mechanics. Quantum entanglement lies in the heart of quantum mechanics. Without quantum entanglement, several information processing tasks are impossible.

    He is interested in scrutinizing applications of quantum entanglement in various quantum information processing. So far, the majority of the works in this line have been achieved under the ideal situation (i.e. a closed quantum system) whereas quantum systems unavoidable interacts with the environment. Consequently, His interest is to examine the role of quantum noise and that of quantum entanglement in quantum information processing and quantum metrology.

    He is interested in the following problems: what will be the effects of noisy channels on some information processing tasks such as joint remote state preparation, quantum cryptography, superdense coding, etc.? How does decoherence affect quantum Fisher information and Bell Non-locality for the multipartite state. How does the relativistic motion affect quantum Fisher information of the Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger?  Some of my already published results can be found in Scientific Reports 7 (2017) 16622, Physics Letters A 381 (2017) 581,  Frontiers of Physics 12 (2017) 120306, etc.

Selected Publications in Scientific Journals (See the Links for complete list)

  1. B. J. Falaye, A. G. Adepoju, A. S. Aliyu, M. M. Melchor, M. S.Liman, O. J. Oluwadare, M. D. Gonzalez-Ramirez and K. J. Oyewumi, Investigating quantum metrology in noisy channels, Scientific Reports 7 (2017) 16622.

  2. A. G. Adepoju, B. J. Falaye, G. H. Sun, O. Camacho-Nieto and S. H. Dong, Joint remote state preparation (JRSP) of two-qubit equatorial state in quantum noisy channels, Physics Letters A 381 (2017) 581.

  3. B. J. Falaye, G. H. Sun, M. S. Liman, K. J. Oyewumi and S. H. Dong, Hydrogen atom in a Laser-Plasma, Laser Physics Letters 13 (2016) 116003.

  4. B. J. Falaye, G. H. Sun, R. Silva-Ortigoza and S. H. Dong, Hydrogen atom in a quantum plasma environment under the influence of Aharonov-Bohm flux and electric and magnetic fields, Physical Review E 93 (2016) 053201.

  5. B. J. Falaye, G. H. Sun, O. Camacho-Nieto and S. H. Dong, JRSP of three-particle state via three tripartite GHZ class in quantum noisy channels, International Journal of Quantum Information 14 (2016) 1650034.

  6. S. Dong, G. H. Sun, B. J. Falaye and S. H. Dong, Semi-exact solutions to position-dependent mass Schrödinger problem with a class of hyperbolic potential V0tanh(ax), The European Physical Journal Plus 131 (2016) 1.

  7. B. J. Falaye, F. A. Serrano, and S. H. Dong Fisher information for the position-dependent mass Schrödinger system, Physics Letters A 380 (2016) 267.

  8. B. J. Falaye, K. J. Oyewumi, F. Sadikoglu, M. Hamzavi, and S. M. Ikhdair, Analysis of quantum-mechanical states of the ring-shaped Mie-type diatomic molecular model via the Fisher's information, Journal of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry 14 (2015) 1550036.

  9. S. M. Ikhdair, B. J. Falaye and M. Hamzavi, Nonrelativistic molecular models under external magnetic and AB-flux fields, Annals of Physics 353 (2015) 282.

  10. B. J. Falaye, S. M. Ikhdair and M. Hamzavi, Spectroscopic study of some diatomic molecules via the proper quantization rule, Journal of Mathematical Chemistry 53 (2015) 1325.

  11. B. J. Falaye, S. M. Ikhdair and M. Hamzavi, Formula method for bound state problems, Few-Body Systems 56 (2015) 63.

  12. B. J. Falaye, K. J. Oyewumi, S. M. Ikhdair and M. Hamzavi, Eigensolution techniques, their applications and Fisher's information entropy of the Tietz-Wei diatomic molecular model, Physica Scripta 89 (2014) 115204.

  13. M. Hamzavi, S. M. Ikhdair and B. J. Falaye, Dirac bound states of anharmonic oscillator in external fields, Annals of Physics 341 (2014) 153.

  14. K. J. Oyewumi, B. J. Falaye, C. A. Onate, O. J. Oluwadare and W. A. Yahaya, k-state solutions for the fermionic massive spin-1/2 particles interacting with double ring-shaped Kratzer and oscillator potentials, International Journal of Modern Physics E 23 (2014) 1450005.

  15. S. M. Ikhdair and B. J. Falaye, Bound states of spatially dependent mass Dirac equation with the Eckart potential including Coulomb tensor interaction, The European Physical Journal Plus 341 (2014) 153.

  16. S. M. Ikhdair, M. Hamzavi and B. J. Falaye, Relativistic symmetries in Yukawa-type interactions with Coulomb-like tensor, Applied Mathematics and Computation 225 (2013) 775.

  17. S. M. Ikhdair and B. J. Falaye, Approximate analytical solutions to relativistic and nonrelativistic Pöschl-Teller potential with its thermodynamic properties, Chemical Physics 421
    (2013) 84.

  18. B. J. Falaye and S. M. Ikhdair, Relativistic symmetries with the trigonometric Pöschl-Teller potential plus Coulomb-like tensor interaction, Chinese Physics B 22 (2013) 060305.

  19. S. M. Ikhdair and B. J. Falaye, Approximate relativistic energy spectrum of a particle in the Yukawa field and Coulomb tensor interaction, Physical Scripta 87 (2013) 035002.

  20. B. J. Falaye, The Klein-Gordon equation with ring-shaped potentials: asymptotic iteration method, Journal of Mathematical Physics 53 (2012) 082107.

  21. For a complete list of publication, click on the link to my Google Scholar / ResearchGate Profile

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