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Prof. Dauda Enna


Traditional Theatre

Dramatic Theory





Dauda Musa Enna was born on the 17th of October, 1962. He attended ECWA Primary School, Kogum River, Kaduna State, Wesley Primary School, Oturkpo (Benue State), and Army Children’s School, Oturkpo (Benue State). He proceeded to Government Secondary School, Pankshin in 1976 and completed Secondary education in 1981. He was admitted into the University of Jos, the same year.

He graduated with a Second Class Upper Honours degree in Theatre Arts in 1985. He did his National Youth Service at the University of Benin, between 1985 and 1986, and was employed as a Graduate Assistant in the University of Jos, in 1987.

He earned a Doctorate Degree in 1995 and rose through the ranks to be promoted Professor in 2005.

Dauda Musa Enna has served the University system in the following capacities:

a)      Director, Centre for General Studies.

b)      Ag. Dean, Faculty of Social Studies.

c)      Director, National Open University of Nigeria, Lafia Study Centre.

d)     Director, Directorate of Academic Planning.

e)      Dean, School of Post Graduate Studies.

f)       Chairman, Community Service committee.

g)      Chairman, Senior Staff Disciplinary Committee.

h)      Chairman, Committee of Deans and Directors

i)        Member, University Governing Council.

j)         Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Administration (2005-2010)


He also carried out the following assignments outside the University System:

a)      Chairman, Visitation Panel College of Agriculture, Lafia.

b)      Principal Private Secretary to the Military Administrator, Nasarawa State.

c)      Member, National Technical Working Group-Vision20  2020

d)     Member, Technical Advisory Group, TETFUND Education Trust Book Development Intervention Programme in Tertiary Institutions.

e)      Consultant and Artistic Director, Nasarawa State Troupe to NAFEST 2011.


He is a Fellow of the Society of Nigeria Theatre Artists (SONTA) and Member of the Governing Council of the Federal College of Education, Yola-Adamawa State.

Prof. Enna is married with children.

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