Federal University of Lafia (FULafia)
info@fulafia.edu.ng +23481 1299 0109
Mathematics & Statistic, Faculty of Science

Mr. Vanenchii Peter Ayoo

Lecturer I

Research Interest

Special Functions, Integral Equations and Fractional Calculus



Selected Publications in Scientific Journals

    1. Ayoo, P. V. (2013), “Derivation of properties of shifted Legendre polynomials”, Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics, Vol. 25 No.1, pp 59-64.

    2. Ibrahim, H. and Ayoo, P. V. (2015), “Approximation of systems of Volterra integro-differential equations using the new iterative method”, International Journal of Science and Research, Vol. 4 No. 5, pp 332-336.

    3. Achaku, D. T. and Ayoo, P. V. (2015), “Simulation of nucleotide substitution rates in a DNA using JC69 model”, Journal of Mathematical and Computational Science, Vol. 5 No. 5, pp 716-727.

    4. Achaku, D. T., Mbah, M. A. And Ayoo, P. V. (2016) “On the character and conjugacy classes of C3v point group using block diagonal matrix”, International Journal of Science and Research, Vol. 5 No. 3, pp 1442-1445.

    5. Amobeda, R. E., Aboiyar, T., Adee, S. O. and Ayoo, P. V. (2016). “Julia and Mandelbrot Sets of the Gamma Function Using Lanczos Approximation”, Applied and Computational Mathematics. Vol. 6 No. 2, pp 73-77.

    6. Ayoo, P. V., Aboiyar, T., and Swem, S. T. (2016). “Bezier curve method for solving linear and nonlinear Fredholm-Volterra integral equations”, IOSR Journal of Mathematics. Vol. 12 No. 2, pp 48-54.

    7. Akeyede, I., Ailobhio, D. T. and Ayoo, P. V. (2017). “Relative efficiency of ridge regression and ordinary least square estimators on linear regression models at different levels of multicollinearity”, FULafia Journal of Science and Technology. Vol. 3. No. 2, pp 77-81.

    8. Olagunju, A. S., Akeyede I., Ayoo, P. V. and Habila A. (2019). “Linear Model for Fuel Optimizing Speed on Roads Connecting Lafia Metropolis to Neighbouring Communities”, Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics. Vol 49. No. 1, pp 111-116. Sponsored by TETFund Institutional Research Grant.