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Zoology, Faculty of Science

Mr. Ashigar Mohammed Ahmed

Research Interest

Entomology, Urban and Molecular Entomology and Insect Control. 

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My main research focus is on household and urban insect pest management (ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, store product and agricultural pest) and application of molecular techniques (metagenomics and DNA sequence data) to understand insect breeding and population structures of such insect pests. Laboratory based molecular and traditional techniques were also explored for better understanding and management of household and urban insect pests particularly insecticide associated mechanism and behavior of these insect pests. Dispersal pattern of urban and agricultural insect pests such as ants, roaches, cowpea pest were also studied. Other research areas includes microbial pesticides such as entomopathogenic for insect pests control and management that potentially leads to the development of novel biocontrol products for urban and agricultural insect pests control.

Selected Publications in Scientific Journals