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Geography, Faculty of Social Science

Dr. Lewis Emmanuel Olumuyiwa Abejide

Lecturer I

International and Internal Migration, Population and Demographic Studies, Remote Sensing & GIS 



Selected Publications in Scientific Journals

    1. Journals 

    2. Abejide L.E.O. and Awopeju, A. ‘Democracy and Development in Nigeria: Which Way?’African Journal of Social Policy and Society, Vol. 4, No 3, pp. 30-36, Calabar, Nigeria, 2009.

    3. Ugal, D, Abejide L.E.O & Kupoluyi J A. ‘A Comparative Analysis of Knowledge and Attitudes for the Gender towards HIV/AIDS in Selected States of Nigeria.’ Journal of Sustainable Development, Dept. of Sociology, AAU, Akungba-Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria, 2009.

    4. Alo, O. A &Abejide, L.E.O. ‘The Social Imperative of Making Globalization Work in Nigeria Economy.’ International Journal of Social Sciences. Paper No PANA 018, 2011. Accra Ghana.

    5. Ikwuyatum, G.O, Afolayan A. A &Abejide L.E.O. ‘Trader Transnational Mobility and Emerging Nigerian Diaspora in Asia’ International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, Vol. 2 No 16, 2012. Tel-Aviv Israel.

    6. Afolayan A, A &Abejide L.E.O. ‘Mobility of Traders, Social Networks and Urbanization in the Evolution of a Global City, Lagos’ Urban Forum, Special Edition 2013. South Africa.

    7. Afolayan A, A &Abejide L.E.O. ‘Mobility of Traders, Social Networks and Urbanization in the Evolution of a Global City, Lagos’ International Journal of Humanities and Social Science. Vol. 19, Issue 5, 2014.

    8. Abejide L.E.O. ‘Spatio-temporal Analysis of Migration of Highly Skilled Professionals of Health Institutions in Nigeria.’ Journal of African Studies and Development, Vol. 6, No 5, pp. 95-112, 2015.

    9. Technical Reports 

    10. Afolayan A. A, Ikwuyatum G.O & Abejide L.E.O. African Perspectives on Human Mobility. A research report funded by MacArthur Foundation and Oxford University, London (2012).

    11. Research Completed but not published
      Afolayan A. A, Egunjobi, L., Ikwuyatum G.O &Abejide L.E.O.“International Migration, Territorial Re-composition and Development within the Southwestern Nigerian and South-eastern Benin Republic Borderland.”Dept. of Geography, University of Ibadan, on behalf of Institute de Recherché pour le Developpement (IRD), University Paris L’Pantheon Sorbonne (IEDES) (2008-2011).

    12. Conference(s)/Workshop(s) Attended with Dates and or Paper Presented

    13. Abejide L.E.O “Application of GIS in Land Resource Evaluation” (A Technical Paper Presentation, Dept. of Geography, University of Ibadan, 2000.

    14. Abejide L.E.O “Implication of Automation in Cartographic Techniques: A Path to Development?” A Paper Presented at the Nigeria Cartographical Association (NCA), Abuja 2001.

    15. Abejide L.E.O “The Trends and Awareness of HIV/AIDS among Students in High and Higher Institutions in Osun State”, A College of Social and Management Sciences, JABU, Workshop Paper, 2007.

    16. Abejide L.E.O. and Kupoluyi, J. A. ‘Explaining Contrasting Natural Trends and Progress in Achieving MDG 4’. A Paper presented at the 5th African Population Conference, in Arusha, Tanzania. 12th -14th December, 2007.

    17. Abejide L.E.O. and Awopeju, A. ‘Democracy and Development in Nigeria: Which Way?’ A paper presented at the Faculty of Arts Annual Conference of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria, on the 13th August, 2008.

    18. Abejide L.E.O, ‘Brain Drain or Brain Drain: A Blessing or a Curse in Africa’. A paper presentation at the Inaugural Scientific Conference on ‘Challenges of African Migration in a Globalization World'. Lagos. January 15-16, 2009.

    19. Ugal D. B, Abejide L.E.O. & Kupoluyi J. A. ‘Knowledge and use of contraception in Ogoja and Obudu LGAs of Cross Rivers State, Nigeria.’ A paper presentation at the British Sociological Association Medical Sociology Group, 2010 Annual Conference, Durham University on 2nd September 2010.

    20. Afolayan A. A, Ikwuyatum, G.O &Abejide L.E.O. ‘Conceptualizing Dynamics of Mobility and Migration of Internal and International Trades in Nigeria.’ A paper presentation at the African Migrations workshop on the contribution of African Research to Migration Theory, organized by International Migration Institute, Oxford, UK and L’Institut fundamental d’Afrique noire (IFAN) at the Universite Cheikh Anta Diop, Dakar, Senegal, 16-19 November, 2010.

    21. Abejide L.E.O. ‘Remittances for Development in Nigeria: Retrospect and Prospect.’ A policy paper delivered at the Stakeholder Consultation on Enhancing Remittance Contributions for National Development. Organized by NOMRA with support from the FORD FOUNDATION, 24-25 July, 2017.

    22. Abejide L.E.O. ‘Emigration of Health Professionals: An Impediment for Achieving Health Millennium Development Goals 4 & 5 in the Developing Countries.’ A paper presented at the RGS/IBG International Conference, Royal Geographical Society London on August 30th to 1st September, 2017.

    23. Abejide L.E.O, Tasi’u, M, & Ogah, H. I. ‘Inequality in Global Distribution of Skilled Health Personnel: A Health-Related Disaster to Achieving SDG 3 in Sub-Saharan Africa’. A paper presentation at the 60th Association of Nigerian Geographers Annual Conference held at the Kaduna State University, Kaduna State, 13th-17th October, 2019.



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