Automobile Maintenance

Each department that has University vehicles is responsible for the proper maintenance of those vehicles and must designate a representative in the department to be the Departmental Vehicle Coordinator. The Department Vehicle Coordinator will be the primary contact for vehicle issues along with responsibilities for vehicle maintenance, authorized drivers and vehicle use.

University vehicles shall be operated and serviced in a safe, efficient and environmentally sound manner. Each department that has a University vehicle will have a vehicle preventative maintenance program listing the required maintenance activities for each type of vehicle it owns or leases.

- At a minimum, departments that have a University vehicle shall follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule for each vehicle.
- If the vehicle mileage use is low, preventative maintenance is to be performed at least once per year by the University’s Fleet Management service provider.
- All maintenance and repairs performed on University vehicles must be documented and retained for the life of the vehicle.

The department should also include plans for replacing vehicles when they have been in operation for 7 years. When a vehicle is due to be replaced due to age and/or mileage, departments should review the need for the vehicle and consider alternatives.



FULafia Student's Email

All students are entitled to email address. Simply login to the portal to get your official student email address and the default password. 


Acceptance of Admission on CAPS

It has been observed that some candidates that were offered admission proceed for registration on the University portal without accepting their admission on JAMB CAPS. In view of the above, such candidates are hereby requested to login to JAMB CAPS and accept their admission asap. Please note that any candidate who fails to accept the offer on CAPS, his/her name will not appear in the National Matriculation list. 


Course Registration

Course Registration Form (CRF) will now be digitally signed or manually and digitally signed. If your CRF has been manually signed, you have to still submit it for digital signature. Course registration is incomplete without the Level Adviser's digital endorsement. Any student who fail to submit their CRF would not have result for the academic session. To submit your CRF, login to your portal and follow the instructions therein