Computer Based Test (CBT) is a Multiple Choice Questions based examination system that provides an easy to use environment for both Lecturers and Students. The main objective of CBT is to provide all the features that an Examination System must have, with the interface that is user friendly.

Users of CBT are classified into four categories: Administrators, Head of Department (HOD), Lecturers and Students. Administrators are responsible for other users management. HODs are responsible for assigning coursers and approving CBT result. They can also manage students and Lecturers just like the admin. Lecturers are responsible for preparing courses, managing questions, preparing CBT and examining students. Students are the end-user that take the Examination.

Features provided

1. Supports users management, courses management, CBT management and question management Fully automated evaluation and results calculation with grade letters.

2. Provides detailed information to Lecturers and HODs.

3. Provide instant result to Lecturers and HOD after the test while allowing students to view results after HOD aproval.

4. Optimum security to examination question. Only lecturers can manage question. Admin, HOD & Students are deprived.

Students Lecturers HODs Admin