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SERVICOM is an acronym derived from the phrase `SERVICE COMPACT'. It is a social contract between the Federal Government of Nigeria and its people established on March 21, 2004 to ensure that basic services which citizens are entitled to are delivered promptly, fairly, honestly and effectively. SERVICOM is a service-driven unit which all Federal MDAs and Institutions of Higher Learning must have. It is saddled with the responsibility of ensuring maximum value with measurable results on customers’ satisfaction. SERVICOM unit Federal University Lafia was established in 2012, headed by the Focal Officer.


The SERVICOM unit in Federal University Lafia is saddled with a commitment to ensure the University delivers quality and effective services to customers' i.e students, staff, and stakeholder's e.t.c. SERVICOM is set to satisfy customers' expectations of excellence in academic research and other related services. The unit is based on quality and prompt delivery of services while protectively guarding customers’ rights this will help to gain their confidence in the University. This is possible because we strongly believe that hard-work, diligence, ethical and socially responsible behavior are vital to maintaining our institutional integrity.

Objectives of SERVICOM

SERVICOM objectives as applicable to Federal University Lafia are as follows:

  • Monitoring and ensuring service delivery,
  • Complaints handling,
  • Conducting opinion poll on effectiveness of our service delivery; and
  • Organizing sensitization workshop on how to improve service delivery.

Vission & Mission

Our vission is: ``to be the best facilitator and promoter of qualitative, courteous and efficient service delivery in Nigeria". our mission is ``to build and sustain a focused service delivery monitoring outfit which will guarantee unparalleled Customers' satisfaction and monitor performance of all service providers in the university with a view to improving service delivery". In line with its mandate, the University has developed a Service Charter. This is a requirement for the delivery of quality service and meeting high standards of performance to students, staff, other customers and stakeholders. This charter is meant to promote and maintain better understanding and appreciation of the University's role and services as an institution of higher learning. It provides the basic standard of service delivery within and outside the University.


The University is committed, through her Charter, to the following services:-

  • Establish clear, explicit and high quality service delivery that the stakeholders expect of a University.
  • Provide its customers with adequate information about the University programmes, activities and services in a timely and transparent manner.
  • Communicate all its activities clearly and effectively.
  • Deal with its customers with courtesy, respect, dignity and selflessness.
  • Cherish transparency and accountability in the provision and delivery of services.
  • Promote meritocracy, fairness and justice at all times.
  • Apply prudent use of resources.
  • Encourage the practice of dynamic and innovative approaches so as to realize continuous improvement.
  • Strive to eliminate errors, laxity and deficiency in service delivery.
  • Continuously monitor and evaluate provision and delivery of its services.



FULafia Student's Email

All students are entitled to @student.fulafia.edu.ng email address. Simply login to the portal to get your official student email address and the default password. 


Acceptance of Admission on CAPS

It has been observed that some candidates that were offered admission proceed for registration on the University portal without accepting their admission on JAMB CAPS. In view of the above, such candidates are hereby requested to login to JAMB CAPS and accept their admission asap. Please note that any candidate who fails to accept the offer on CAPS, his/her name will not appear in the National Matriculation list. 


Course Registration

Course Registration Form (CRF) will now be digitally signed or manually and digitally signed. If your CRF has been manually signed, you have to still submit it for digital signature. Course registration is incomplete without the Level Adviser's digital endorsement. Any student who fail to submit their CRF would not have result for the academic session. To submit your CRF, login to your portal and follow the instructions therein