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FULafia's Administration

The overall administration and management of the Federal University Lafia shall be organised as provided for in the law establishing the University. The President, Federal Republic of Nigeria shall be the Visitor to the University. The major authorities for the overall administrative and academic control of the University shall be the Council and the Senate. The everyday administration of the University shall be supervised by. The Vice-Chancellor supported by other principal officers and Senior Managers. The authorities for the administration of the University and the key managers shall be as indicated below.

I. Visitor;
II. Chancellor;
III. Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of the Council;
IV. Council;
V. Senate;
VI. Congregation;
VII. Convocation;
VIII. Faculties and Departments;
IX. Vice-Chancellor;
X. Deputy Vice-Chancellors;
XI. Registrar,
XII. Bursar;
XIII. University Librarian;
XIV. Director of Academic Planning;
XV. Director of Physical Planning and Maintenance;
XVI. Director of Health Services;
XVII. Dean of Student Affairs; and XVIII. Deans of Faculties and Heads of Departments.