Functions of Council Affairs Division

Functions of Council Affairs Division

Council Affairs Division is one of the three divisions of the Registry. The other two are Establishment Division, and Academic Affairs Division.

The functions of the Council Affairs Division are crucial to the work of the Governing Council and they include the following:


1. Overseeing of council, finance and general purpose committee, university tenders board’s matter, appointment and promotion committee and other statutory committee matters include coverage of meetings, writing of minutes and taking follow-up actions.


2. Serving as the secretariat of the technical evaluation committee and sub-committee of tenders’ board.


3. Serve as the liaison desk for the Chancellor.


4. General Administrative duties as directed by the Registrar from time to time.


The Head of Council Affairs Division is Dr Abubakar Mamuda. He is responsible to the Registrar for the day-to-day administration and coordination of the activities of the division and is supported by ten other members of staff.